Brian Smeets Headshot

Brian Smeets is a native New Yorker, growing up in Larchmont with two brothers and a dog named Indiana Jones. As a first-generation american born to dutch parents, he has been photographing his view of the world since he was old enough to hold a camera. Today he is a hardworking and hardthinking creative with the problem solving skills to tackle any problem thrown at him.

Shooting since he was ten he turned pro five years ago when he decided to pursue his dream of creating the images we see every day. He has been living and working in San Francisco for the past three years. His passion for great cooking, wonderful people and beautiful spaces has led him to a diverse set of clientele. Some of his favorite clients include New York Magazine, SPACES, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, The John Ash Group and Holly Yashi.

Brian hopes to attend an MFA program in studio photography to accompany his BFA in sculpture and BS in environmental studies. Ultimately, he wants to show work that speaks about our relationship to the environments we inhabit everyday as well as the most inaccesible parts of the planet.

“I hope to inspire others to protect, preserve and promote the  natural and cultural spaces that enrich our lives and fill them with lasting beauty. People deserve to wonder at the world they live in everyday.”

-Brian Smeets