Brian Smeets

DISTIL: RMIT Masters of Fine Art Graduate Show

The graduate show is the culmination of the past two years of students from the RMIT Master of Fine Arts program in Hong Kong and takes place at the Pao Galleries of the Hong Kong Art Centre. Our class was the last group to graduate before the program went on hiatus in Hong Kong, adding another layer of personal significance to an already meaningful journey. Dr. Sally Mannall curated the exhibition masterfully.

My project showcased in the show investigates travel destinations and their experiential qualities, intending to remove the tourist destination's spectacle. Each series of images showcases overlooked elements that contribute to a space's atmosphere, such as guideposts, walkways, and windows. This atmosphere is emphasized in images by blurring the identifiers of its location. The act of recording centers on observations of overlooked minutiae and obfuscated viewpoints.

My artistic practice also explores the traveler's mindset and the character of the spaces they pass through. An alternative view of liminal spaces and travel destinations is presented through large scale abstracted photography and collections of images. I directed attention to these spaces' overlooked objects using hyper-focus and color choice in my photographs of poolside views and airport hotels. By focusing closely on these objects, such as curtains, I obfuscate the postcard view. This use of shallow depth of field emphasizes textured objects and stimulates the haptic senses, rather than indexing to a real place while highlighting the image's formal properties.

You can see the catalog here.

Distil Show Installation view with the Mindset Series (left) and Wakayama Atlas (right)


【REDUX藝術家介紹 - Brian Smeets】 Brian Smeets,於1984年在紐約出生。在獲得聖路易斯華盛頓大學雕塑與環境研究學位後,他於三藩市從事商業攝影工作。及後,他移居香港完成香港藝術學院與澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術碩士學位課程,而其影像作品亦屢獲殊榮,曾在世界各地展出。除了創作攝影和多媒體作品外,他近期也積極探索聲音藝術與其作品之間的互動。他也致力發展短期藝術展覽,在日益全球化的香港和東南亞藝術空間中展示他的作品。 在是次《REDUX》展覽中,Brian Smeets 的作品主要探索旅行景點及遊客的體驗質量,期望消除旅遊業的奇觀。通過大規模的抽象攝影以及一系列精選的聲音與影像,以另一角度呈現了閾限空間和旅行地點。想欣賞Brain的作品,歡迎到藝術家網站(欣賞更多他的作品,同時也不要錯過1a空間下回展覽《REDUX》! 《REDUX》 展覽開幕:2020年7月10日 下午6時正 展覽:2020年7月10日 - 7月30日 展覽開放時間:逢星期二至日上午11時至下午7時正 (星期一休館) 地點:香港九龍土瓜灣馬頭角道63號牛棚藝術村14號「1a空間」 公眾活動: - 藝術家導賞團:2020年7月18日 下午3時正 - 藝術家分享會:2020年7月18日 下午6時正 地點:香港九龍土瓜灣馬頭角道63號牛棚藝術村14號「1a空間」 語言:廣東話及英語 *所有公眾活動費用全免,歡迎即場參與

【Artist of REDUX: Brian Smeets】 Brian Smeets was born in New York in 1984. After completing degrees in sculpture and environmental studies from Washington University in Saint Louis, he pursued a career in commercial photography in San Francisco, California. His award-winning fine-art images have been shown globally; since moving to Hong Kong completed a Master of Fine Arts with RMIT University. Recently Brian formed a sound art practice in addition to showing photography and multimedia works. He continues to develop pop-up art shows as well as showing his work in the increasingly global art space of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. In 1a space’s upcoming exhibition “REDUX”, Brian Smeets's project investigates travel destination and their experiential qualities, intending to remove the spectacle of tourism. An alternative view of liminal spaces and travel sites is presented through large scale abstract photography and collections of selected sounds and images. To know more about Brian’s work, visit his website ( and don’t miss our exhibition “REDUX”! REDUX

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